Saturday, January 16, 2010

A girl from heaven sent this letter to me...

Dear Rana Safi,

IM FALLING FOR YOU! Hehe, this is a letter coming not only from the heart and brain, but from every inch of my veins, blood, and soul. First of all, I bow down to the queen!! She really is one… And don’t think queens are stuck up, prissy, unintelligent girls. NO, there powerful, strong, and confidant. exactly what you are. Hmmmm queen rana. Labe2lek! I have known you more than anyone in this country, wow and that’s a long time! MEMORIES. LAUGHS. TALKS. FOOD. And our family’s!! Remember when you came over once and we started playing with my penguins and taking pictures of our selves. Yeaaaa it was a sweet night (Musa7eel adeh kona habayel).And yet I Cant wait to meet Mr. Right, go to the wedding, be the maid of honor, see the babies, and write you another letter! Because you are MY friend and I’m stuck with you till forever. I respect you! I am proud of you! And I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this but you are one hell of a special person. So again I bow down. Head up, shoulders back, ready?….. Its going to be a long journey…. And frankly I CANT WAIT!! Ba7ebek.

With love,
Rema Sider

Friday, January 15, 2010


It's funny how we postpone things.. I made this blog on 4-12-2009 and I didnt even get the chance to write till now. Sometimes we wonder what really make us busy? is it us being lazy or being really not in the mood for sharing anything after a long tiring day? I dont know.. I decided to start today because I always wanted to share my thoughts with people from different backgrounds, maybe because I adore walking in the streets and looking at them, talking.. walking.. screaming... laughing... running... it makes me wonder what do they have in their minds? are they really in a hurry? or maybe feeling sad? I keep looking at their faces and sometimes I wish I could read minds.. sometimes I believe that when I look out of the car window I know there must be a good person looking for love or who has a great character and charisma, also I am sure there is a bad one out there trying to hide himself and never want to walk in the light... right now... There are some people in the streets looking for a warm place to spend the night at.. some are in their houses sleeping and feeling cozy... others are crying in the middle of the night... some are fighting... some are reading and others are writing.. and believe me great writers enjoy writing at any time and any place.. as long as they have something to write with...