Saturday, August 28, 2010


Some people in our world keep entering our lives and interfere in every single detail.. they keep asking, and giving you their opinions without you asking them to! it's annoying in a way that makes you want to throw up! and what makes me go crazy is that they say they do this because they care, and behind your back is a "FESTIVAL" of gossip! and of course you know what do we call them; Hypocrites! they make you go sick and sometimes I do hate myself for trusting them. I always believed that I shouldn't regret anything, but people of this kind make you regret LIVING!!

Sometimes I wish I could remove every single one of them from my life, or actually delete them! yes like when you erase a message from your phone or delete a post from your blog! but let's consider them as obstacles that were put in our way to make us learn our primary daily lessons.

*sigh* : Life is a bitch and then you die!


  1. Life is nice, but it's rare to find decent people.

  2. Those people don't deserve to be in your life rana. Screw them. Just DELETE THEM. :)

  3. I disagree.. i like to keep them in my life, for one good reason. As a reminder of the type of person I do NOT want to be! GREAT POST!

  4. Hi Rana Safi,
    bad people, or negative energy I'd like to call it, have purpose. Without them we wouldn't know what 'bad' is, and then we'll never be able to know whether we're bad. They help us to be aware of what we are, and what we want to be. For your freedom, your choice in life, if you don't feel happy or satisfied then keep the quest on, the zest quest for happiness. Remember, with time comes familiarity, and with that comes habit. Don't be afraid of change.
    With light and love,